If all that we have was stripped away the essentials we'd need to survive would be our breath, light energy from the sun, and clean drinkable water. Some would say we'd need food, but food is a product of light energy and water. Envisioning the power of these three essentials, I created a mediation that you can access on my Youtube channel ( The idea here is to concentrate our attention to these three essentials in our toughest moments, tune into breath, light, and water and watch how incrementally, little by little, our life will transform. Aware of the evidence presented in quantum field theory, we ought to take advantage of our power to focus our thoughts on that which we want to create. Focusing our thoughts on our breath cultivates not only a power of vision and clean thoughts, we also propagate Pranayama to work on the physical plane to send potent oxygen into our DNA, cells, tissues, and organs. Focusing our thoughts on our light cultivates a stimulation of photons in our mind, awakening our truth to the light beings that we are. Focusing our thoughts on our waters cultivates compassion and mindfulness to the waters of our Earth, and reminds us of being more mindful of our use of water, and responsibility to our waters inside and out. By practicing this work on a regular basis we can access the power of it in times of need. When we are in our most challenged moments we can directly and efficiently remember our breath, light and waters and use them as a tool to transform and transmute teacher negativity into the jewel within the lotus. -Om Mani Padme Hum-

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