Cynci Cutter, 67

Talin is a brilliant instructor! She is musically gifted & talented. With a voice of an angel, Talin weaves a melodic tale creating a powerful atmosphere of trust & peace. I am always grateful to receive the yoga, Reiki and Shaman benefits with each & every class and am astounded & humbled that she offers a class of this magnitude. I look forward to every single class & my body, mind & spirit respond immediately! Thank you Talin. 


Maybe the first time in this 10 years that I could sit for almost 6 hours without unbearable pain. Power of healing through mind. Rediscover my parasympathetic neural system. Thanks @tal.infinite for the beautiful journey 

Armen Sammis

Talin’s guidance sessions have truly proved to have an invaluable effect on my quest to self-empowerment. She creates a very comfortable and relaxing setting for you to explore the facets of your life that you need to discover or improve on, while eliminating the negative energy that may be lingering. Ever since I started working with Talin I have experienced a much greater deal of clarity in my mind, which has in turn created a more positive outlook on my life and my purpose in this world. I would highly recommend a guidance session with Talin to anyone seeking help regarding self-evaluation, empowerment and creating an overall better state of mind to live by.

Christina Johnson Boyce, 39

Talin has a special gift of distilling positive energy towards her students and clients. She is intuitive and empathic, and creates safe, nurturing environments for her classes. I've enjoyed taking her Yin yoga series and benefited greatly from her Reiki I training. I highly recommend her offerings for those interested in spirituality, healing, and connecting with their deepest wisdom!

Anonymous- 35 yr old

Talin is a gentle and magical soul, with her expertise in tapping into energy and releasing it, it's allowed me to let go of stagnant pressures in my body. I value the love she has of all things spiritual and energy. She's been a woman who has brought serenity in my worried states and has helped me rely on the magical energy of the universe.


Talin!  Thank you so much for the Priestess oil!  I LOVE it! It's absolutely beautiful!!! 


It's amazing! 

Honestly... I feel like I've gone to heaven!!!

It just fills my whole soul with beauty with each inhale!I'm loving the oil it is magical for me.  My inhalation is filled with inspiration and exhalation with so much gratitude when I smell it or put it on. 

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